At Bakeri, we are passionate in producing the best artisanal breads and patisseries with consistent and exceptional quality. The good taste and quality of our breads and patisseries come not only from sourcing the very best ingredients, but also from the skills of our dedicated bakers.


As a specialty bakery, it is not easy for us to make our baked goods. Almost everything from breads to cakes, from cookies to pastries, are made by the hands of our bakers who share our pride - from the dividing of the dough to the shaping and molding of each individual piece. This requires extra care and special attention to the details, as it challenges the skills, intuition and senses of our bakers, which we call it the “human touch”.


Our strength has always been simplicity – we don’t try to do a lot but what we do, we do it very well with a great deal of commitment. We are proud of what we believe in and our pride shows in the fine breads and patisseries which we bake each day. From our hands to yours, enjoy our handcrafted bakes filled with natural goodness that speak for themselves.


Our value proposition offers a unique approach — it includes all the detailed steps a typical business needs, from requirements gathering, product matching, samples testing, advising product's shelf life and storage requirements to item preparation guides and ordering processes.




With our products and services, there is no upfront cost — just talk to us, set up an account and order as and when you need. You have the flexibility to plan your ordering quantity depending on your customer's demand. Once your business grows, just increase the quantity and we will be glad to meet your increase demand.



We also provide specialist options that include matching your specific ingredients, size, shape, weight, texture, flavour and packing size requirements.

We will be glad to discuss the detailed requirements at your convenient time

and location.